AUDIO (se) présenter (quelqu'un)

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You want to speak French ...
There is no secret to learning a language: you have to work very regular

Not only exposing yourself to a comprehensible input that you have to listen and listen, to read and read. Constantly reviewing basic vocabulary and sentence structures in French.

And then you will be able to understand French.

Great ! But what if you want to speak French?

You have to practice and practice. Okay, but what if we're all alone?

So you have to repeat and repeat!

You have to repeat sentences in order to have them in your mouth.

You need to chew on these sentences, not only to practice the correct pronunciation of words, but also to practice the correct intonation of French.

This is what I propose with 'AUDIO - (se) présenter (quelqu'un)'.

‘AUDIO - (se) présenter (quelqu'un)’ [introduce yourself/introduce someone] is a sound file for repeating French sentences in order to acquire the right pronunciation and intonation. In addition, you increase your knowledge of French thanks to the law of comprehensible input.

At home or away, you'll be able to repeat more than 360 sentences on the most important topic of the first conversation in a foreign language: introducing yourself and someone.

Are you able to present yourself properly in French, to say who you are, where you come from, what you do and what you like to do? Can you do the same to tell about your spouse or a friend?

These 360 sentences and more, namely a sound file of 39 minutes, will help you gain confidence when it comes to speaking French to someone. If you don't know a word, consult the illustrated French lexicon (a French word explained by an illustration). And if, finally, you feel the need to read what you have repeated and learned, you will be able to read the text of these 360 sentences (373 sentences to be exact).

Repetition is one of the keys to realizing the dream of all those who learn a language: to speak in that foreign language. And here, it's French!

Level: beginner or false beginner - A1/A2

Listen to a sample of the soundtrack by clicking here.
Consult an extract of the illustrated lexicon by clicking here.


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