French Survival Kit

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The French Survival Kit, it is 21 sheets (78 pages) that condense communication strategies in French (14 sheets) and offer the essential phrases to meet the basic needs in French (7 sheets), with links to the 70 short audio files.

With the French Survival Kit,
  • you will be aware that communication in a foreign language does not only depend on a long list of words and a large number of grammar rules,
  • you will have gained confidence to finally dare to speak French, even if you are a beginner,
  • you will have save time because you’ll be able to take matters into your own hands instead of waiting for things to happen,
  • you will enjoy having a conversation with a French speaker, because communication will have become a game,
  • you will be able to leave without worry on a trip to a French-speaking country, because you will have the tools to better than survive, to live serenely your stay abroad.

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