The French Numbers Workout Method

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Stop tearing your hair out when you have to use numbers in French, whether for comprehension or expression!

The French Numbers Workout Method will help you overcome and even forget the nightmare of having to count in French.

In 33 days, 5 to 10 minutes a day, learn to count in French, learn to master French numbers with interactive videos.

Counting in French without worries is possible if you consider learning as fitness. Only regular training will enable you to become fluent in a particular exercise within a month.

If you do sport once, even intensively, but stop for a long time,, returning to the sport will be difficult and painful.

Counting in French is like playing sports. You need to train regularly so that your body and brain perfectly register what you have learned through training.

Hence the interest of the French Numbers Worhout Method!

It's a learning and training method ... that some will find addictive ... with a steady pace (however you can adapt it to your needs and schedule).

These are engaging videos with input and output phases. There are many moments devoted only to reviewing what you have learned in order to engrave the right information in your brain, but also to get your tongue, lips and mouth used to pronouncing the sometimes quite complex numbers correctly. It is a rhythm that will develop your mental agility to juggle French numbers without any problem.

The French Numbers Workout Method consists of 33 learning and revision videos, plus 5 bonus videos to help you apply your new knowledge and mastery of the subject in real-life situations (dates, prices, telephone numbers, etc.). It's also a call to action after each lesson to practice French numbers in your everyday life.

With the French Numbers Workout Method, forget that French numbers ever caused you any problems.

Become a champion of French numbers!

If you want to be able to count in French to 100, to 999, even to 123,456,789 (more than 123 million), the French Numbers Workout Method is for you.


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